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Dec 9 12 7:58 AM

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Sometimes I find that a file I have partially downloaded with another client and/or from another network is also available on eDonkey2000 with more seeders. For a "power user" there is currently no way I can see to create a download in aMule, overwrite the part file from the other source and have it validated to keep what I already downloaded in the other client.

Currently I have a file that is available in two versions - one of them likely corrupted. I have downloaded 99.9% of one of them. Now I'd like to start a download of the other version with the former as the initial data in the part file.

It doesn't have to be pretty. All I'm asking is a menu item to 'revalidate' a partial download, so I can quit aMule, overwrite the part file, restart aMule and get the existing valid chunks into the system.
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Dec 11 12 10:56 PM

Re: Seed or manually validate a part file

Did you try to quit aMule, overwrite the part file, restart aMule?
It should trigger a rehash by the timestamps of the part and met file.

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Dec 12 12 9:38 AM

Re: Seed or manually validate a part file

Thanks, it works. Now I see that the two files were probably just packaged with different compression options, so they are both valid, but don't share any data chunks. Except for this 6 MB chunk there in the middle, which could be a hash collision and reminds me not to carelessly use this feature.

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Dec 12 12 7:21 PM

Re: Seed or manually validate a part file

Rehash will
- set incomplete chunks to complete if they match
- set complete chunks to empty if they don't match
- leave incomplete chunks that don't match alone (or you would just lose them all)
So your 6MB was just downloaded before. If you keep the overwritten part file aMule downloads the missing 3 MB some time and then discard the chunk.
Hash collisions are very very very improbable.

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