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Feb 6 13 4:02 PM

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Hi there,

I'm sure GonoszTopi remembers my nick: I had bothered him quite a bit about adverts for Paris Hilton when I was translating the man pages. Now I'd like to do the same for other projects but when I talk about po4a I get answers like "wtf is that? Explain how you did it for aMule so we can see if we can copy their method".

The problem is that the old forum is offline and doesn't have doesn't have a copy of the relevant thread, unfortunately.

Would it be possible for you folks to provide a copy of that thread (started by Vollstrecker and whose title was "[Info for translators] Translation of manpages") so that I can go bother others with my Paris Hilton obsession in translated man pages instead of... well, doing it here? I just hope you have easy to access archives somewhere.
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Feb 6 13 10:04 PM

Re: Doc about translating man pages

Just tell me her phone number and you'll get whatever you want

Seriously, everything will be back online Soon(TM).

Anyway, that page you're missing doesn't tell you how you should start. I'd bet looking at the po4a documentation and the docs/man/po4a.config file in aMule sources will help more.

concordia cum veritate

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