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May 7 13 1:12 AM

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I use a Linux icon theme which makes all of my tray icons look like carved depressions in the panel and they only gain color to indicate that they need my attention. This means that aMule looks like it constantly wants my attention.

Other tools, like Deluge, Dropbox, the FireTray extension for Thunderbird (and, if I remember correctly, Skype too) use the system theming API to resolve their tray icons so that they can be customized.

The GNOME/GTK+ developers posted an explanation for how to do this with application-specific icons. (And it links to the relevant specs, if needed)

Since wxWidgets doesn't wrap this API, I'd suggest using #ifdef __WXGTK__ and directly calling the GTK+ icon-lookup code.

(You'll want gtk_icon_theme_get_default and gtk_icon_theme_lookup_icon.)

That way, theming the tray icon Just Works™ and you don't have to write your own lookup code.

It would also make it easy to offer a "Skin to use" option which just pulls from the system icon theme's selection of toolbar icons and falls back to the Tango theme you already have if they're not available. (After all, Tango was specifically designed with the goal of fitting into as wide a variety of icon themes as possible.)

The XDG Icon Naming Specification defines a core list of icon names that all themes should provide and what meaning theme designers should preserve for each one.

For ensuring the best chance that icon names beyond that will find something in the system theme, it's become a bit of a de facto standard to just assume that the user will have an icon theme that uses the same icon names as Human, Faenza, or Elementary. (Themes either used by default in Ubuntu variants or so hugely popular as alternatives that other theme designers treat them as pseudo-standards.)
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