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Nov 11 13 5:30 PM

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It looks like this might not be working quite as intended.

ie: If a category has a couple of series in it like this:

foo.s01e01 - waiting
foo.s01e02 - stopped
foo.s01e03 - stopped
foo.s02e01 - downloading
foo.s02e02 - stopped
foo.s02e03 - stopped
foo.s03e01 - downloading
foo.s03e02 - stopped
foo.s03e03 -stopped

and if foo.s02e01 completes. you'd expect it to activate foo.s02e02

What actually happens is that foo.s01e02 is activated. If foo.s03e01 completes then foo.s01e03 is activated.

I doubt that's what the original proposer of the patch wanted

The way I read it, he wanted the next item in alphabetical order along from the completed item to be started, not the alphabetically lowest stopped item in the category.

Is this an easy one to fix up Stu?
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Nov 11 13 5:32 PM

Re: next in category (alphabetical)

This "Next aphabetic order" thing should wrap and only go outside the cateory if there's nothing left, but I assume most of that code's already in place.

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Nov 12 13 9:40 PM

Re: next in category (alphabetical)

I can confirm that it always starts the first file in category by alphabet. The name of the just completed file does not even enter the calculation anywhere. So this behavior is intentional.

What if you have
s01e01 waiting
s01e02 stopped
s01e07 downloading
s01e08 stopped

Then s01e07 finishes. Currently s01e02 will get started, your proposal would start s01e08 instead.
So the actual solution to your problem would be an own category for each season (at least while it is downloading).

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