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Dec 24 13 7:10 PM

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Hello all
I've just switched from wx 2.8.12 to 3.0.0 on mipsel cross-compilation of amuled (svn 10816)
No errors at compile time, amuled is working well so far.

But now the log is filled with these errors:

[code]2013-12-24 18:48:03: Logger.cpp(332): 18:48:03: Error: Failed to add descriptor 8 to epoll descriptor 6 (error 17: File exists)[/code]

No clue about the offending file(s) - I've never seen these lines with wx 2.8
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Dec 26 13 11:00 PM

Re: wx 3.0.0 & Logger.cpp

This message comes from
bool wxEpollDispatcher::RegisterFD(int fd, wxFDIOHandler* handler, int flags)
Something with wx sockets, probably about the event handling.
Problem is, things always look like they are "working well so far" even if 20% of all connectioms fail or so. No idea if this is critical or not.
If you want you can try to build amuled with Boost::Asio networking. This should make the issue go away.

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Jan 14 14 2:02 PM

Re: wx 3.0.0 & Logger.cpp

All such messages go away if you compile wxbase with configure option:
I still haven't found a description in wx documents/wiki ...

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