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Apr 1 14 4:41 PM

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I am still using 2.2.6 because I want to use UPNP.
Now Mac offer free update to Maverick.Thats why I
wonder if amule 2.2.6 will work without problems if I download Maverick.
If I understand right I am not able to use UPNP with
the latest version of amule.
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Apr 12 14 2:33 PM

Re: Amule 2.2.6+Maverick = ?

If you want to use UPnP with aMule 2.3.1, you'll have to compile it for yourself. The precompiled binary was built without UPnP support.

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Apr 25 14 1:57 AM

Re: Amule 2.2.6+Maverick = ?

at the moment i am working to add upnp option to aMule cos i am faithful user since 2000 someish. but i think you should consider using options of port forward manually cos upnp can appear as virus sometimes and u can get slow speed with out knowing what is happening btw wait a little and you'll have option to do so

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