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May 12 14 6:55 AM

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Hi all.

I have ubuntu server 14.04 (trusty), and I'm only use the daemon and web version of amule.

I've compiled form the latest SVN, I'm using the ASIO sockets form boost-1.55 and compiled with wxwidgets 3.0. the problem is when I'm using de web interface, if I push any button then I can't use it anymore because it seems the icons disapear and not load the images. So, Chrome is waiting for a long time.

I can't generate a backtrace because isn't a crash, so I don't know how I can reproduce it,

Please any help?, thanks...
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May 14 14 11:49 AM

Re: amuleweb not work properly...

Hi, all

I found the problem and now it seems stable and no crash o hangs.

The problem was the default template, I changed to another and now is working fine.

Thanks for views...

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