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Jul 25 14 12:52 AM

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Hi guys! I'm running aMule daemon and using the remote GUI. Since i'm dealing with amuled remotely I can't add folders to sharedirectly from the GUI. I therefore edited the sharedir.dat and added the location of the shared folder. I also moved the download folder from /home/USER/.aMule/Incoming  to  /home/USER/.Downloads  but it doesn't read what there inside ".Downloads" leaving me with this message:

ERROR: Attempted to share /home/issam/.Downloads

Can you please help me out?

EDIT: I'm using aMule 2.3.1 on a Debian 7 64bit server. I remotely controlling aMule from Windows.

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Jul 25 14 12:57 AM


Ok guys, it looks like aMule doesn't accept to have the downloaded files in the same folder as temp files. When I put temp files back in /home/USER/.aMule/Temp it started hashing files in /home/USER/.Downloads!

Hope this helps someone one day!


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